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Horoscope Today, November 16, 2023: Your Daily Astrological Prediction for All Zodiac Signs


Ganesha says the business people will get good and profitable deals. You will invest money in future plans and will also be able to save. Even if there is competition in business, your work will continue smoothly, but some inconvenience may take place because of colleagues. Financial gains will take place and new areas of work will be found. There is also a chance of a religious trip with friends and relatives. Women may remain worried about their health. Children may pay less attention to their studies.

  • Lucky Colour: Pink
  • Lucky Number: 8


Ganesha says happiness will be your second name. Most of your tasks will be scheduled in advance, which will avoid dilemma situations. Business people will be satisfied with the activities at work, but for some time, incidents of displeasure with colleagues can create chaos. There will be definite success in government work but ancestral-related matters will remain uncertain due to some other reason. Women will make the environment happy by correcting the misunderstandings of the family members and respect in the house will increase. You will not be able to devote much time to religious activities.

  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 4


Ganesha says your day will be normal but still try to make your work better. There will be health-related complaints and may be problems related to blood disorders, joints, or swelling. You will feel less interested in work also. Due to lack of money, your mind may remain sad but still you should give more importance to mutual relations than money. It is beneficial for the future and necessary for establishing peace. There are chances of loss due to carelessness in job and business, be more careful. There will be bitterness in social relationships. Domestic life will be mixed.

  • Lucky Colour: Black
  • Lucky Number: 13


Ganesha says the day will be in your favour. There will be possibility for the imaginations of the mind to come true to a great extent. Your ideas will also attract people. You can mediate in a dispute between two parties and give a fair decision. Financially you may get good opportunities today. After some hurdles in the work, sources of income will become available. You can invest without any hesitation in risky activities which will be beneficial for the future. If you are planning to do any kind of start-up than today is the best day to plan for the same.

  • Lucky Colour: Golden
  • Lucky Number: 2


Ganesha says wherever you are today, you will spread laziness and carelessness. Expectations of financial gains will not be the same but you will be successful in reducing expenses so that there will be no money-related problems. Most of the routine tasks will be completed with the help of family members. There will be relief from the completion of any important work this afternoon. Relationship with children will be good. You can plan for some outing as well. Receiving some unpleasant news about relatives will cause some short-term worry. Evening time will be more pleasant than the whole day.

  • Lucky Colour: Lavender
  • Lucky Number: 11


Ganesha says today, many plans will be forming in your mind but due to lack of time or money, you will not be able to implement them. Financial gains will be less even after hard work. Do not delay in government or land-related work today, otherwise, it may get postponed for a long time. You will get fame from the social sector. You will remain mentally disturbed due to financial problems because of the recession at work. Investing in risky activities will result in loss at first but will prove profitable later. The family environment will be improved compared to before.

  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 9


Ganesha says the decisions taken by you today can create feelings of resentment and hatred towards your loved ones. There will be a tendency to show off in nature. Unnecessary expenses will create financial problems. There may also be ego conflicts with neighbours. To avoid any serious situation, keep your intelligence alert. Make any change in business or investment only with the advice of an experienced person. The elders of the house will become helpful in adverse circumstances of the day. Relationships with women will be monotonous and there will be difficulty in maintaining harmony in marriage. You may have to travel due to financial matters.

  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 15


Ganesha says there are possibilities of unexpected gains for you. You will be afraid of risky tasks but you may get better results soon. Do not lend money to any unknown person as you may lose your money. Financial gains will take place and you will be able to do something creative in your professional life. Employed people will have to struggle to maintain coordination at work today. Officials will remain angry without any reason. There may be some ups and downs in married life.

  • Lucky Colour: Orange
  • Lucky Number: 8


Ganesha says today the situation will be worry-free. But believe in misleading news only with caution, otherwise a hasty and wrong decision can cause harm. You may get into a dilemma due to someone’s unnecessary interference in your work or business. Only elderly people will be helpful in getting you out of it. Today, decisions taken for yourself will prove to be more effective. Stay away from temptations. Financial gains will definitely happen as per your need. Women will be worried about some work getting spoiled today, but after some extra hard work, the situation will become normal. It is necessary to keep an eye on the children.

  • Lucky Colour: Yellow
  • Lucky Number: 7


Ganesha says today your mind will wander into useless matters, but there are strong chances of financial gain in the near future. Do not let your practicality decrease today, this will make beneficial contacts. There will be debates with family members on useless matters. The ability to make decisions in the work field will be less. To get success in financial matters, you will have to take someone’s help today. Health will remain fine till the afternoon, after which fatigue will turn into laxity. Maintain current position in business and do not invest today.

  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 5


Ganesha says today your mind will be more attracted to the activities prohibited in society, which may lead to discord at home and there will be criticism in the social sphere as well. There will be more bitterness and selfishness in behaviour. To get work done from the officers, you will have to resort to sycophancy, but even than success in work will not be certain. After noon, there can be financial gain with the help of a respected person or woman. Cancel the start of new work for now and complete old incomplete works on priority, otherwise, the inflow of money will stop. Ignoring household chores can cause unrest.

  • Lucky Colour: Green
  • Lucky Number: 1


Ganesha says you might get success in your important tasks. In the beginning, you will see failure, but after midday, you will definitely get the results of your hard work, even if it is moderate. The mind will wander but remain focused and engaged in work. The plan you work on in business today will bring you financial gain in the near future. There can be a loss of respect due to talkativeness at home and outside. Do not speak more than necessary. Women will be helpful in keeping family relationships together. Do not get involved with anyone today due to financial reasons.

  • Lucky Colour: Brown
  • Lucky Number: 3

(The author Chirag Daruwalla is the son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla)

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