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Horoscope Today, November 11, 2023: What the Stars Have in Store for You!


Ganesha says today is a day for you to be careful. Expenses may increase slightly, but you will be interested in religious activities. You will do good work, but your health may remain a little weak. The day is a bit weak for your love life, but conditions at work will be better and you will get the support of your family members. Your family life will be full of happiness and peace.

There will be chances of sudden income. You will make a new plan today and receive respect. Your work will be successful. Your business will do well today, but you will be worried about your family. There is a chance of purchasing a house and vehicle. Concerns related to children’s livelihoods will be resolved. Your faith in God will increase, says Astrologer Chirag Daruwalla.

  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 5


Ganesha says today is going to be a much better day for you. You may get relief from illness. Your health will remain strong and your income will increase. You will gain respect. You might also go to a party. Your stress level will decrease. Despite the tension in your married life, the situation will remain better. You will get support from your family and you will be happy at heart.

Be careful while traveling today. Be careful while using vehicles and machinery. Today you need to control your speech. Keep conversations, behavior, and decisions secret today. Any property dispute will be resolved today.

  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 3


Ganesha says today may be a busy day for you in terms of work. Your family life will be happy, but there will be tension in your married life. Your opponents will be grateful today. The day is going to be fine for your love life. Situations in the workplace will improve if you work diligently. Today you will feel like worshipping. Court work will be completed.

Today you will get opportunities for profit. There will be profitable work in business and progress in plans. The possibility of progress in work will increase. You may also get your stuck money back. Expenses will also be a little big, but you will improve your daily routine and spend happy moments with your family.

  • Lucky Colour: Gray
  • Lucky Number: 10


Ganesha says today is going to be a very good day for your zodiac sign. You can plan a beautiful trip. Luck will be on your side. Hard work will pay off. Love and affection will increase in your married life. There will be excess expenses today. Traveling somewhere far away will prove to be pleasurable for you. There will be love in the family; do not get into unnecessary fights with anyone. Today you will recover a debt.

Business trips will be successful. Your business will do well. Today you should avoid injury and disease. Maintain control over anger and excitement. Today your responsibility will increase. You will be successful in your thinking tasks. Don’t let opportunities slip away. There may be differences of opinion with family members.

  • Lucky Colour: Pink
  • Lucky Number: 6

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Ganesha says today will be a little weak for you as there might be a small tension in the family. You may also be a little weak mentally, so meditate a little to keep your mind happy. Spend time with family and people who love you. Spending time with them will make you happy. The situation will be fine in the work field, but still, you will not be able to concentrate on work.

Completion of some old pending work may result in financial gain. Today you should avoid bad company. You will have to avoid unnecessary expenditure. You may have to take a loan from someone. You may have to get entangled in useless matters. You might be interested in religious activities. There may be a residence-related problem.

  • Lucky Colour: Red
  • Lucky Number: 8


Ganesha says today you will find happiness in your married life and you will have full support from your spouse. Today you will perform better in the work field also. Many people may come to your family. The atmosphere of the house will be better due to the arrival of a guest or friend. Today is going to be a romantic day in your love life. Today you will be very energetic and will do all your work well, which will make today a better day.

Today there will be expenditure on luxury. Obstacles related to land and buildings will be removed. You will get employment today. New schemes will be launched in business. The financial situation will remain satisfactory. Control your expenses and transactions.

  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 11


Ganesha says today will be a great day for your family life and your workplace. However, it is important to control your speech, otherwise the situation may get out of hand. You will spend time having fun with friends. Avoid sharing your feelings with your partner today. Your brothers and sisters will need your support. Be sure to behave well with your colleagues at work.

You may receive a marriage proposal today. You may experience some physical pain. Your business will do well today. Keep your financial responsibilities limited. You will be dissatisfied with the actions of your children. There will be differences with friends. Your social respect may decrease.

  • Lucky Colour: Orange
  • Lucky Number: 3


Ganesha says today will bring significant happiness to your love life. Your loved ones may share their feelings and emotions with you. Your relationship with siblings will improve. Family life will also be happy. Pay some attention to your behavior. Your marital life will improve and you will definitely get success in the work field as per your efforts. Drive carefully.

You will enjoy parties and picnics. Students may get good results. Be careful in transactions. Auspicious events will take place in the family today. You may achieve victory over opponents and recover pending money. You may achieve desired progress in the field of education.

  • Lucky Colour: Purple
  • Lucky Number: 8


Ganesha says today will be a much better day for you at the family level. Your love for family members will increase. You will get their support in every work. Expenses will increase slightly, yet you will enjoy today. You will be happy and will eat good food.

In the workplace, you will accomplish many new tasks with your hard work, which will earn you praise. Avoid arguments. You might get good opportunities from a big corporate. I suggest you not to think too much about your personal/professional life. Take care if you are traveling.

  • Lucky Colour: Yellow
  • Lucky Number: 9


Ganesha says your income will increase, which will meet your increased expenses. You will be mentally happy and there will be happiness in the family too. You can get profit from property. Legal disputes will be solved. You may be sent on a tour by your office.

In your love life, you will get full support from your beloved and they will try their best to keep you happy. All your efforts will be successful. You will get respect. Today your business will do well. There may be progress in the field of ancestral property. There are chances of financial gains from various sources. Today there may be ideological differences with your spouse.

  • Lucky Colour: Navy Blue
  • Lucky Number: 4


Ganesha says today will bring tremendous success for you in your work field. Some negative people may try to harm you mentally, but don’t think too much and avoid arguments. You may spend heavily on luxuries today and live life happily. There may be some tension in the family. But love will increase in your speech and you will get ample opportunity to spend time in tourism.

You will meet old friends and receive good news. Don’t get involved in others’ fights. Interest in spirituality and science will increase. There is a possibility of luck in the field of jobs and politics. Auspicious events will take place at home. You will be promoted in the intellectual field.

  • Lucky Colour: Blue
  • Lucky Number: 7


Ganesha says today is going to be a very good day for Pisces people. You will become mentally strong and may also be a little emotional. You will give affection and love to your spouse. Today can be a better day in married life. If you are in a love relationship, your beloved will also give you a lot of happiness. Conditions will improve in the workplace.

You will have to work a little harder. The day is also good for income. Overall, your day is going to be much better. You will receive presents and gifts. It is important to control the speed of your vehicle. You will receive good news regarding economic progress. Your horoscope today says that there will be chances of desired profit in partnership business. Married life will be happy. Unemployment will go away. Business trips will be successful.

  • Lucky Colour: Pink
  • Lucky Number: 13.

(The author Chirag Daruwalla is the son of Astrologer Bejan Daruwalla)

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