December 1, 2023 9:12 AM

Harsh Goenka differs with Narayana Murthy; says it’s no longer about working 50-70 hours & 5-day office week is dead! | India Business News

Narayana Murthy’s recent advocacy for a 70-hour workweek in India has triggered a range of reactions within the corporate sphere. The Infosys founder’s remarks, made during a podcast with former Infosys CFO TV Mohandas Pai, have stirred virtual and real-world discussions – leaving corporate captains divided.
Harsh Goenka, RPG Enterprises Chairman has expressed a divergent viewpoint from Murthy. In a tweet on X (formerly Twitter), Goenka asserted his endorsement of a hybrid work model, declaring the “5-day office week is dead.”
Goenka emphasized that flexibility in work arrangements is crucial, pointing out that people are already working remotely for approximately 33% of their office hours, a trend he considers transformative.He went on to underscore the value of workplace flexibility, comparing it to an 8% raise. According to Goenka, flexibility is worth as much to people as an 8% raise.
Goenka’s perspective stands in contrast to Tech Mahindra CEO CP Gurnani, who supported Murthy’s idea, emphasizing the broader goals of nation-building and character development. founder-CEO Anupam Mittal also aligned with Murthy’s stance.
Goenka championed the hybrid work model as the current and future norm, highlighting that professional success is no longer confined to a specific number of weekly hours. Instead, he stressed the importance of aligning ambition and productivity with individual preferences.
He encouraged people to embrace the shift towards a new work landscape.
For Marico Chairman Harsh Mariwala, it is not about the hours clocked in, but the quality and passion one brings to those hours. “The ultimate objective should be to make work so invigorating and rewarding that the paradigm of work-life balance seamlessly integrates,” he said.
The MD & CEO of Edelweiss Mutual Fund, Radhika Gupta, also joined the ongoing discussion. In an indirect reference to the conversation sparked by Murthy’s 70-hour workweek suggestion, Gupta pointed out Twitter’s lack of recognition for women who have been multitasking for extended hours, day after day, without making any demands.
Viewed through a gender perspective, the 40-year-old finance leader reiterated the significant contributions of women, both in the workplace and at home.
“Many Indian women have, for years and even decades, worked tirelessly for well over seventy hours a week, contributing to the building of India (through our work) and nurturing the next generation of Indians (our children). They do so with a smile, and without seeking overtime. Surprisingly, this aspect hasn’t been a topic of debate on Twitter,” she noted.

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