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Google Working On Special Repair Mode Option For Phones With Android 14: What It Means

Last Updated: October 19, 2023, 09:30 IST

Repair mode will be first available to Pixel users

Repair mode will be first available to Pixel users

Google wants to help people stop worrying about losing their data when they give phones for repair.

Google finally realises that people lose all their personal data when they give their phones for repair, and with Android 14 it wants to end the issue of losing data once and for all.

It seems the company has plans to bring a new option called Repair Mode for phones that will come with Android 14 or get it in the near future. The feature has been spotted in the AOSP repository by the ever-reliable tipster Mishaal Rahman this week.

The repair mode will ensure that the service centre gets your phone running a completely new version of the OS with a new account that has no data of yours which you fear of losing. With this mode, all your data will be secured and in fact locked with your authentication which no one else can access without your consent.

The best news is that Google is not limiting the mode to Pixel phones. Once the Android 14 AOSP is accessed by different phone makers, they will have the choice of using Google’s version of repair mode in Android 14 or integrate its own tool. It is understood that Pixel phones eligible to run Android 14 will be getting the feature first and that should likely happen by December this year in the form of Android 14 QPR1 beta build that will be made available for the Pixel phones.

Google clearly feels the need to bring a simpler process to retrieve data once you ship the device for repair and those technicians feel the need to erase all the data to inspect and fix the issue. Google will also have an app that will explain the steps to use the repair mode which is still a work in progress, explaining the reason for a December timeline for this feature to roll out in the beta build.

Either way, it is likely that with the repair mode enabled on Android 14 that process will become less tedious and keep users happy about their data residing on the phone.

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