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WhatsApp Will Not Work On These Smartphones Before End Of October: Check List Here

Last Updated: October 16, 2023, 08:30 IST

These old phones will not let you use WhatsApp from October 24

These old phones will not let you use WhatsApp from October 24

WhatsApp will not work on old phones because it has new features that needs powerful phones and a secure OS platform as well.

WhatsApp is going to stop on a host of smartphones in a week’s time, which means people will have to either stop using the messaging app or get a new smartphone right away. We had recently talked about this development and with the deadline now inching closer, we’re refreshing this piece once again and informing people who might be still using old Android phones.

The date for WhatsApp to stop working on old phones is October 24 and these will be mostly linked to devices that are still running Android 4.1 version or even older ones. The list includes phones from Samsung, HTC, Sony and Motorola among the known brands.

These Phones Will Lose WhatsApp Support In October

– Samsung Galaxy S2

– HTC One

– Sony Xperia Z

– LG Optimus G Pro

– HTC Sensation

– Samsung Galaxy S

– HTC Desire HD

– Motorola Xoom

– Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

– Nexus 7

The list includes prominent devices like the Galaxy S2 which was back then a solid premium product. Even the HTC One had a strong history and did well in the market.

You also notice names like the Nexus 7 which is a tablet, and even Motorola Xoom and the Sony Xperia Z. These phones are losing WhatsApp support because the messaging app has now advanced with features that don’t work on these devices anymore.

Add to that, they won’t get any security updates from Google in any form, so there is a strong chance of WhatsApp security issues causing bigger problems for the company and its users. It is in everybody’s interest to end the support for WhatsApp on these phones/tablets and push them to upgrade to phones that at least have Android 12 or higher versions running out of the box.

We’re talking about WhatsApp, now owned by Meta (previously Facebook) that will soon offer AI-centric features like creating stickers, images or even answer queries. That’s the version of WhatsApp people will be using nowadays and for that you need powerful hardware and a secure OS to keep them running without any mishaps.

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