December 4, 2023 5:33 PM

iPhone 15 Pro Max Users Complain About Major Screen Burn Issue: All Details

Last Updated: October 17, 2023, 08:00 IST

iPhone 15 Pro Max users facing screen burn issue

iPhone 15 Pro Max users facing screen burn issue

Apple has already fixed the overheating of the iPhone 15 Pro models with an update but this seems like a hardware issue that could need a replacement

iPhone 15 Pro Max users have started facing issues and this one is a major problem. Reports say that the new iPhone 15 Pro Max screens are burning which leaves the imprint of an image on the display after it has been taken off from the screen.

It seems to be a problem plaguing OLED displays and people have noticed that the screen on the iPhone 15 Pro Max has a ghost-like effect with the previous image still visible on the screen.

Reddit has been full of complaints from those who bought the iPhone 15 Pro Max and by the looks of it, the issue is not isolated and worryingly enough, this is the first iPhone 15 Pro Max model to face this screen burn issue. Screen burning most results because of an image being left open for too long on the screen. It seems apps like Google Maps are major culprits for the after effects of this issue.

The timing of the new issue with the iPhone 15 Pro Max comes a few days after many people reported severe heating of their iPhones, for which Apple even introduced a new iOS 17 update to control the thermal management of the device. It is unlikely that a software update could have triggered the screen defect and many say that if the issue persists longer than Apple could have a major manufacturing defect on its hands. The new iPhone 15 series has barely been out in the market for a month and already the company has faced multiple issues from users.

And if Apple comes to a conclusion that this is a hardware problem then all the affected iPhone 15 Pro Max models ought to be replaced since all of them are well within the 1-year warranty that the company offers for iPhone buyers. We’re hoping to hear more about this situation from Apple in the coming days which should be a relief for the iPhone users.

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