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Is Google Blocking Benchmark Apps On Pixel 8 Phones? Here’s The Answer

Last Updated: October 16, 2023, 14:04 IST

Many people said they were unable to install benchmark apps on the Pixel 8 phones

Many people said they were unable to install benchmark apps on the Pixel 8 phones

Google Pixel 8 users complained they were not able to install popular benchmark apps like Geekbench but what is the real story?

Google Pixel 8 series has been receiving positive reviews for its camera tech once again while the performance of the phones have got mixed response. Every year, there are questions about Pixel phones capability and how it can handle regular tasks and more without breaking up.

Recently, there have been reports about Google blocking benchmark apps to avoid people from testing the Pixel 8 phones and comparing their performance with other flagship devices. It is a tool used by tech enthusiasts and reviewers to gauge its level with other phones with similar hardware.

So, is it true that Google stopped people from using these apps on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro? Speaking from our own experience earlier this month, we noticed that while searching for GeekBench and Antutu or 3D Mark, the Play Store search results did not list those apps.

But we found all three apps on the Play Store and even ran the benchmark tests on the Pixel 8 models which means Google has not blocked them any more, or it was just a technical issue which stopped people from installing these apps on the phones.

We’re unlikely to hear about the real story from Google anytime soon but the fact that the benchmark apps are now listed means more people will test the phones and get closer to the actual performance levels of the new Pixel 8 series that have launched in India starting at Rs 75,999 this year.

The new Pixel 8 series phones are powered by Tensor G3 chip which many claim is based on Samsung’s Exynos 2300 SoC that is built using the 4nm process. The Pixel 8 has 8GB RAM this year while the Pixel 8 Pro comes with 12GB RAM as a standard. The new AI features on the Pixel 8 cameras give it another dimension, not only for stills but video as well.

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