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Apple’s Cheaper Vision Pro Headset May Sacrifice Features For Lower Price: Report

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Last Updated: October 16, 2023, 10:05 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

Apple Vision Pro launches in 2024. (Image: Apple)

Apple Vision Pro launches in 2024. (Image: Apple)

Apple may drop the ‘Mac-grade’ chipset and the external screen to make a cheaper Vision Pro headset. This could help it become a mainstream him, per Bloomberg.

Apple could be working on a “lower-end” alternative to its expensive $3,500 Vision Pro headset, scheduled to launch next year in the US, and it may drop the ‘Mac-grade’ chipset and the external screen to achieve this, as reported by Bloomberg.

According to Mark Gurman, Apple aims to create a more affordable alternative to the Vision Pro headset due to its exorbitant price tag. However, the $3,500 price point is likely too high for it to become a mainstream hit. This is why the company has been working towards moving its resources toward a lower-end version.

Moreover, this shift also involves moving staff away from the development of standalone AR glasses–which is reportedly a more challenging move. And with this low-cost headset, Apple could potentially target a price range between $1,500 and $2,500.

Earlier rumors suggested Apple might opt for a cheaper processor, possibly an iPhone processor, instead of a Mac chipset, and employ a lower-resolution display. Gurman now suggests that Apple may also consider dropping the EyeSight feature, which allows nearby users to see the Vision Pro wearer’s eyes using cameras and an outer display.

In addition to working on a more affordable headset, Apple may also be developing the second-generation Vision Pro, allegedly featuring a smaller, lighter design while retaining high-end features. It may also come with pre-installed prescription lenses.

It remains to be seen when Apple will announce a release date for the first-generation Vision Pro, set to launch sometime next year in the US. However, the anticipation has been steadily growing, especially considering that iPhone 15 Pro models will offer support for Spatial Video–allowing Vision Pro headset users to enjoy 3D-like videos with immersion and a new perspective.

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