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Qualcomm Has A New Weapon To Rival Apple’s M2 Silicone For Macs: All Details

Last Updated: October 13, 2023, 10:26 IST

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Qualcomm is taking the Snapdragon series to the PC segment

Qualcomm is taking the Snapdragon series to the PC segment

Qualcomm has made Snapdragon chips for PCs earlier as well but this time it is eyeing the big prize which means the competition is fierce.

Qualcomm is ready to battle in the PC segment with its new Snapdragon X series chipset. Apple has turned to its M-series silicone in the past few years, and the new Qualcomm chip seems directly aimed at this market. Qualcomm claims the new chipsets will be coming out in 2024 and it promises to be an ‘inflection point for the PC industry.”

Qualcomm has bought a company that was formed by ex-Apple chip designers, which definitely adds some credibility to the company’s cause. Snapdragon X chips will be based on Qualcomm’s Oryon CPU that promises to deliver next-level performance, as pointed out by Qualcomm.

The new chip will bring on-device AI technology and 5G connectivity for PCs. Qualcomm will be hoping to match the craze for Apple’s M-series MacBooks that have completely replaced the Intel models in the past 3 years. Apple has moved into the second-gen Pro M-series silicone, with the third-gen chips expected early next year.

The performance gains from each M-series chip has been drastic, even though most people feel the power is underutilised. Qualcomm has been in the PC business for years but it still doesn’t have enough foothold to be confident about its chances with the Snapdragon X series.

More importantly, the PCs with Snapdragon chips don’t get a wide release, which limits the company’s access and probable measures to grow in countries where PCs sell and an all-time connected PC will be a hit. Intel is also working behind the scenes to challenge in this space and we should probably see a more tangible product in the coming years.

We are eager to see how Qualcomm works through the issues faced by its previous PC chips and pushes Snapdragon X as aggressively as its mobile chip business across the globe.

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