September 29, 2023 8:29 AM

Himanta Sarma’s Dynasty Attack On Rahul Gandhi

'Give Away Gandhi Title': Himanta Sarma's Dynasty Attack On Rahul Gandhi

Chief Minister Sarma was addressing BJP Mahila Morcha’s national executive meeting


Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma has accused the Gandhi family of “working to break the country” and urged Congress MP Rahul Gandhi to “give away Gandhi title”.

He said the Gandhi family is “Sardar of duplicate” and alleged that they had committed “too many scams”.

“Their first scam started with the title of Gandhi. They did only Parivarvad and worked on breaking the country. I request Rahul Gandhi to give away the Gandhi title,” the Assam Chief Minister said while addressing the BJP Mahila Morcha’s national executive meeting in Guwahati.

Chief Minister Sarma praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the ‘Delhi Declaration’ adopted during the G20 leaders’ summit in Delhi and said it happened only because of him.

“Kamakhya corridor will come into reality in the next two years. Only because of PM Modi, the Delhi declaration happened amid Ukraine, Russia war. Congress didn’t celebrate 25 years, or 50 years of Independence of the country. But, Modi ji celebrated 75 years of Independence and everyone feels that we are Bharatiya. The great reformer Mahapurusha Sankaradeva wrote about Bharat Bhumi 500 years ago, this is our Bharat Bhumi,” Mr Sarma said.

He said Prime Minister Modi is working to make Bharat a Vishwaguru.

“Yesterday when I saw Modi ji talking to global leaders, I felt that Bharat has now become Vishwaguru. Women are now leading the country. Prime Minister Modi gives more focus on Nari Shakti, women empowerment. A few days ago we launched an operation against child marriage. Getting married at nine years and giving birth at 12 years is common in a particular community in Assam. No Hindu endorses casteism, but one Tamil Nadu minister spoke against Hindus,” the Assam Chief Minister said.

He also said the state government will launch another massive operation against child marriage within the next 10 days.

“Mahila Morcha should launch a campaign against child marriage and polygamy across the country. We will bring act against polygamy in December. The nation now again needs Modi ji. We will have to make Modi ji PM for 10 years. Modi government will be formed in Bharat,” Chief Minister Sarma said.

He also highlighted that the Northeast has changed in terms of development transformation.

“We are trying to make the 40 lakh as Individual entrepreneur. Rs 10,000 will be provided to their bank account, next year and Rs 15,000 from government and Rs 15,000 from bank in next and it will be gone up to Rs 1 lakh. First year we will give 100 per cent subsidy to 40 lakh women,” he said.

“Today’s North East has changed in terms of development transformation. 14 years ago North East has completely changed. Out of 25, BJP will win 22 seats in North East,” he added.

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