September 29, 2023 8:54 AM

PM Modi On What India Aims To Achieve With Grand Show At G20 Summit

PM Modi On What India Aims To Achieve With Grand Show At G20 Summit

Narendra Modi’s blog post comes a day ahead of the mega G20 Summit in New Delhi.

New Delhi:

To combat climate change, the world needs to move away from a purely restrictive attitude on what should not be done, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today.

In a blog post, PM Modi wrote, “We believe there is a need to move away from a purely restrictive attitude of what should not be done, to a more constructive attitude focusing on what can be done to fight climate change,”

PM Modi’s blog post comes just a day ahead of the G20 Summit in New Delhi, where leaders from across the globe will gather to try and find solutions to problems ailing the world.

He also wrote about how India’s G20 presidency has focused on a human-centric approach to ensure that the rewards of globalisation reach the last mile.

“As One Earth, we are coming together to nurture our planet. As One Family, we support each other in the pursuit of growth. And we move together towards a shared future – One Future – which is an undeniable truth in these interconnected times,” he wrote.

India has pulled out all the stops for the G20 Summit where world leaders will hold discussions on geopolitical tensions, economic slowdowns, and rising food and energy prices.

The guest list includes US President Joe Biden, UK PM Rishi Sunak, Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and several other world leaders. This is the first time that India is hosting such a powerful group of leaders from across the globe.

PM Modi said that this is not just a high-level diplomatic endeavour for India, but a way to showcase the country’s diversity.

“For India, the G20 Presidency is not merely a high-level diplomatic endeavour. As the Mother of Democracy and a model of diversity, we opened the doors of this experience to the world,” he wrote.

Today, accomplishing things at scale is a quality that is associated with India. The G20 Presidency is no exception. It has become a people-driven movement. Over 200 meetings will have been organised in 60 Indian cities across the length and breadth of our nation, hosting nearly 100,000 delegates from 125 countries by the end of our term. No Presidency has ever encompassed such a vast and diverse geographical expanse,” PM Modi added.

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