September 29, 2023 8:39 AM

G20 Summit In India: Delhiites Could Enjoy Faster 5G Speeds And See Fewer Call Drops

Last Updated: September 04, 2023, 18:37 IST

G20 Summit in Delhi takes place from September 9 to 10

G20 Summit in Delhi takes place from September 9 to 10

The G20 Summit is going to see foreign dignitaries coming to the Capital city for the main event next week.

Mobile users in Delhi could get faster 5G speeds and fewer call drops in the coming weeks thanks to the high-roll G20 Summit preparation in the Capital city. The Indian government has mentioned that it has rapidly improved the 5G network infrastructure in Delhi to cater to the demands of international dignitaries and also help the local people access high-speed 5G networks and face fewer issues of call drops.

One of the main reasons for the upgradation is linked to the number of base stations now working in the city, which has gone from 5,718 to 10,662 stations as we speak, the report here adds.

5G networks were launched in the region earlier this year, allowing millions to access the high-speed network for connectivity on their smartphones. But Delhi’s population density means that the data speeds have generally been lower than claimed but adding double the base transceiver stations or BTS seems to be helping push the speed range for the consumers.

People visiting the venue of the G20 Summit will be provided with free Wi-Fi services for the entire Bharat Mandapam complex situated inside Pragati Maidan.

With diplomats and ministers coming from all parts of the world, the government is also realising the need for mobile OTPs and for that, it is making SIM activation lenient with only their passports needed to issue a local SIM card for them to use for payments, order food and more.

Having said that, the Ministry is clear that the one-time measure for SIM activation is only available for foreign nationals, and officials visiting the country for the G20 Summit, which is going to take place from September 9 to September 10.

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