September 29, 2023 2:45 PM

Apple CEO Tim Cook Has A Fake Instagram Account That Everyone Follows

Last Updated: August 28, 2023, 11:27 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

Tim Cook has limited social presence

Tim Cook has limited social presence

Tim Cook has kept his presence in social media limited to few accounts and the Apple CEO is unlikely to change it anytime soon.

Apple CEO Tim Cook is a popular figure in the circuit but his social life is mainly limited to a few profiles. Cook only had a profile on Twitter (now called X) since 2013 so when the news came out that Cook has an Instagram account too, it got people intrigued. Millions started following him, including some of his senior Apple executives like Lisa Jackson, Alan Dye, and more.

But the funny thing is, Cook is not even on the platform and these people seem to be following a fake Tim Cook Instagram account going by the name @tim.d.cook which was created in July this year. The profile has since then shared two posts, one related to World Photography Day which has two phones shot on an iPhone, and the second one is a 30-second ad for a campaign with 3DPets that Apple officially announced last week.

As per the reports from 9to5Mac, Cook has never created an account on Instagram so we are not sure why these senior employees at Apple have been following a fake account. Apple is looking to remove the fake Tim Cook account from Instagram but that doesn’t explain why are some of the senior people at the company following this account unless they know something that other people don’t.

Either way, those rumours have been put to bed now, as Instagram has finally taken down the fake Tim Cook account and people will now hopefully be careful before following celebrity accounts and not fall for the fake ones. If big personalities like Cook do join the platform, it is likely that Instagram will allow them a verified (blue tick) badge on the account from day one to avoid impersonation and the presence of fake accounts.

Either way, it is high time that Cook increases his social activity and makes an official account on more of these platforms to engage with his fans and consumers.

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