September 29, 2023 9:06 AM

Bengaluru ISRO Scientist Road Rage Claim

'Came To Our Car, Kicked It': Bengaluru ISRO Scientist's Road Rage Claim

Bengaluru road rage incident involving ISRO scientist, police to take action.


A brief road rage incident involving a scientist with the Indian Space Research Organisation and the driver of a two-wheeler was captured on camera in Bengaluru on Tuesday. The scientist, Aashish Lamba claimed he was abused and that his car was attacked by the driver of the two-wheeler who was “driving recklessly and coming in front of our car suddenly…”

“Yesterday (while) going to ISRO office, near (newly constructed HAL underpass, a person on (a) Scooty (KA03KM8826) without helmet was driving recklessly and coming in front of our car suddenly… we had to brake (suddenly),” Mr Lamba said on X (formerly Twitter).

He also shared videos of the confrontation; a nine-second clip – it seems to be from a dashboard camera – shows a young man shouting in Kannada and making threatening gestures before he kicks the car and drives away.

“He came to our car started fighting. He kick my car two times and flew. Kindly please do the needful,” Mr Lamba said, tagging Bengaluru police and the Karnataka capital’s Police Commissioner.

Bengaluru Police responded, writing, “Noted, we (have) informed (the) concerned police officers.”

There have been a host of angry responses to Mr Lamba’s video, with many calling for a public arrest of the man seen kicking the ISRO scientist’s car.

Bengaluru Scientist “Chased With Sword”

This incident comes a day after reports another scientist claimed he was attacked by a bike-borne gang that shattered the windows of his car and threatened him with swords.

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Authorities have confirmed that an ongoing investigation is in progress and have conducted on-site examinations in an effort to locate the suspects.

ISRO In The News

ISRO scientists have made headlines for various reasons – some not so good – since Chandrayaan-3’s Vikram lander made its historic soft landing on the moon.

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Among the not-so-good headiness was news from Gujarat, where a man was arrested after he gave interviews to local media outlets claiming he was the ISRO scientist who designed the lander.

Pragyan Rover Update

Meanwhile, ISRO posted on X today to say the rover had been rotated 360 degrees on the Moon n search of a route that avoids craters and rocks on the lunar surface.

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The rover and Vikram, the lander that carried Pragyan to the Moon, are racing to finish experiments before a lunar night (which lasts 14 Earth days) sets next week.

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