September 29, 2023 8:25 AM

The First Big iPad Pro Upgrade Since 2018 Could Be Launched Next Year

Last Updated: August 28, 2023, 13:12 IST

Cupertino, California, USA

iPad Pro has not been upgraded for a while but 2024 could change that

iPad Pro has not been upgraded for a while but 2024 could change that

iPad Pro has been a popular product for Apple but it is high time that the company launches an upgraded version.

Apple has been upgrading most of its products in the past year and now we could see the iPad Pro lineup get its first major overhaul since 2018. As per the reports, Apple will look to narrow the gap between a tablet and laptop with its new upcoming iPad Pro models.

The company is expected to have the same 11-inch and 13-inch models for buyers but the display could be upgraded from micro-LED to OLED when it launches next year.

The report from Bloomberg also mentions that Apple will make big changes with the Magic Keyboard for the 2024 iPad Pro lineup with the possible increase in the size of the trackpad and keys with better tactile feedback. Apple is also likely to jump straight to the next M3 chips for the iPad Pro models, allowing the company to future boost the performance of the laptop-like slates from Apple.

But here’s the thing, having M3 on the iPad is only worth it if you have a platform that can sustain its level. iPadOS has slowly become a concern for consumers, especially when the hardware makes an impact that’s twice in comparison.

So would it serve better if Apple started using macOS for the iPad Pro models and kept the iPadOS platform for the regular and iPad Air lineup? The M3 chips should be part of the big reveal at the rumoured October event, where we could see new MacBooks, Mac Pro and even the iMac. Apple has completely moved away from Intel chips for the Macs and even for iPads, you only have the Apple 9th Gen using the A-series chip anymore.

The iPad Air 5-gen model already comes with an M-series chip which not only gives you double the RAM but also optimises the features available on iPadOS for the product. Having an OLED iPad Pro not only refreshes the lineup for Apple but also gives the company the room to go up the price range, just like how it has done with other products in the past 24 months or so.

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