September 28, 2023 9:09 AM

Taliban Stopped 60 Women Who Were Awarded College Scholarships from Leaving Afghanistan

The Taliban terrorist group, which now governs Afghanistan, stopped at least 60 women from leaving the nation for higher studies. (Image: Reuters)

The Taliban terrorist group, which now governs Afghanistan, stopped at least 60 women from leaving the nation for higher studies. (Image: Reuters)

The Taliban stopped 60 women at the airport from leaving the country. They were recipients of a scholarship from the University of Dubai.

The Taliban banned women who received scholarships to study abroad from leaving Afghanistan in July, according to the BBC. The terrorist group apprehended over 60 women all of whom were scheduled to travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for higher studies at a university-level.

The scholarships were announced in December 2022 to study at the University of Dubai in the UAE from Emirati billionaire businessman Sheikh Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor.

Only Afghan women who have been living abroad have travelled to Dubai.

A female student told the BBC that she set off for the airport and took along with her male members of the family on July 23. When she reached the airport her hopes were dashed.

“When the Taliban officials saw our tickets and student visas, they said girls are not allowed to leave Afghanistan on student visas,” the female student was quoted as saying by the BBC.

She said at least 60 other women along with her were turned away from the airport. Women are also required to bring along with them mahram(s), a male companion as they are forbidden to travel alone. Three female students with male members of her family boarded the plane, but terrorists in-charge of the so-called Afghan ministry of vice and virtue took them off the flight.

The BBC said that it saw pictures of forlorn and devastated young women standing next to their luggages as their hopes of higher studies were dashed.

“The scholarship gave new hope to my sister after the universities were closed here. She left home with hope and returned in tears. All her rights have been taken away,” a male member was quoted as saying by the BBC.

The man also said that some of these women are very poor and borrowed money to pay for a visa.

The University of Dubai and Sheikh Khalaf Al Habtoor confirmed that the students were stopped. He posted a video message on X, formerly known as Twitter, criticising the Taliban and pointing out that men and women are equal under Islam. A voice note in English from an Afghan girl who was stopped at the airport is also added to the video.

“We are right now in the airport but unfortunately, the government is not allowing us to go to Dubai. Even they don’t allow those who have a mahram. I don’t know what to do. Please help us,” the female student can be heard saying.

Mohammad Sadiq Akif Muhajir, a member of the terrorist group who is also a spokesperson of the Vice and Virtue ministry, told the news outlet that they are not aware of any such development.

“I missed this opportunity in a country where it is a crime to be a girl,” another female student said.

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